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What is a sunroom used for?

Believe it or not, sunrooms have additional uses besides serving as a formal sitting area – a sunroom can be used as an office, living room, dining room, extra bedroom, craft room, entertainment area and more. Sitting rooms can certainly be relaxing, but sometimes you need the space for something more.

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Beside this, whats the purpose of a sunroom?

Sunroom: This type of room (also called a solarium or conservatory) is a glassed-in living space typically attached to the house and accessible from indoors. It is designed to function as an additional living area during mild weather.

Additionally, what is a sunroom in an apartment? Sunrooms are like bit players of a home. They don't get top billing on the floor plan, like the living room and bedrooms do. But they're important, still. They can be decorated and redecorated to serve a million different uses.

Also to know is, are sunrooms worth it?

The main concern many people have is whether adding a sunroom is worth the cost. There is no right answer to this other because it depends on the homeowner's needs and budget. The personal enjoyment and lifestyle value you'll get from a sunroom addition may be priceless.

Do sunrooms add value to your home?

Sunrooms Increase Your Home's Square Footage With more room to entertain or store belongings, adding more square footage to your home increases the value of your home, ultimately. When you add a sunroom, you add livable square footage. Essentially, your new sunroom is a new room to your home making your home bigger.

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