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What is a street grate?

noun. noun. a frame of metal bars over the opening to a hole in the ground that sewage goes down. See sewer grate in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Check pronunciation: sewer-grate.

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Also know, what does a grate look like?

Grating elements can have luminances other than that of sharp-edged bars. If the graph of a grating is sinusoidal (see top panel in the illustration), the grating looks like a set of blurry light and dark bars and it is called a sine-wave grating.

Likewise, what is a metal grate? Metal Grating: An open grid assembly of metal bars, in which the bearing bars, running in one direction, are spaced by rigid attachment to cross bars running perpendicular to them or by bent connecting bars extending between them.

Beside above, what is steel grating used for?

This grating is a system of interlocking, perpendicular bars, it provides a smooth clean look ideal for architectural applications such as grilles, divers and screens. It is used in the same structural applications as its welded steel counterpart.

What is grating material?

Bar Grating. Commonly used bar grating materials include carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and austenitic stainless steel. Bar grating is typically used for industrial style flooring due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and a high percentage of open area making it almost maintenance free.

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