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What is a steam radiator valve?

The radiator air vent, or air valve (also called a steam vent or steam valve), is used only in one-pipe steam boiler systems. It is usually located at the end of the radiator opposite the supply pipe, about halfway up or higher towards the top.

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Furthermore, what do the valves on a radiator do?

Each radiator in your home needs a pair of radiator valves which act like taps, enabling you to control how much heat they give out. One of the valves controls the amount of hot water entering the radiator and the other (known as the lockshield valve) balances the system by controlling how much heat the radiator emits.

Similarly, how do you fix a steam radiator? Use a radiator key, 1/4-in. 12-point socket, or a flat screwdriver (depending on your valve type) and slowly turn the valve counterclockwise until water starts dripping out. This will release trapped air and let hot water into the cold fins. While you're at it, you should repeat the process with your other radiators.

Subsequently, one may also ask, are steam radiators dangerous?

Most steam radiators have two valves. People may have minor problems with the valves, especially at the beginning of the season of cold weather. Valves can break off when they are used to turn the radiator on and off or to control the temperature of the room.

Should steam radiators hiss?

Troubleshooting Steam Radiators and Air Valves The hissing sound of the air venting from the valve is a sign of normal operation but should stop once the radiator comes up to temperature and the valve closes, thereby retaining steam in the radiator.

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