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What is a selenium ion called?

Therefore, the ion of selenium has the charge of 2-. It's known as selenide ion.

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Likewise, what type of ion does selenium form?

Answer and Explanation: This suggests that the charge of the selenium ion must be −2 to undergo an ionic bond. Therefore, the charge on the ion that selenium forms in an ionic compound is −2 .

Secondly, what is the state of selenium? solid

Hereof, what is the ion symbol for selenium?


PubChem CID: 107674
Structure: Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula: Se-2
Synonyms: selenide 22541-48-6 selenium(2-) selanediide selenide ion More
Molecular Weight: 78.97 g/mol

Is Selenium a cation or anion?

The nonmetals arsenic (As), tellurium (Te) and selenium (Se) are also named like the transition metals, and can form either cations or anions. Rule 2: anions. The anion name is formed from the name of the element, but “ide” replaces the normal ending in the elements name.

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