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What is a riser room?

Riser room is a technical room (a control room) where the fire riser/sprinkler is set-up and controlled from. It is also said to be a room in a building where the fire pump and automatic sprinklers are located. Read Also: What is a fire riser.

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Moreover, what is fire riser room?

A fire riser room is a room in a building where the fire pump and automatic sprinklers are located. The fire riser room also contains the primary water input for the sprinkler system.

Secondly, how does a fire riser work? Fire sprinkler risers are, in a sense, where the plumbing outside a building ends and a fire sprinkler system begins. Each riser taps into a permanent source of water, such as a pipe connected to the city water system, a water tank, or reservoir. Sounding the alarm when sprinkler heads activate.

Hereof, is a fire riser room required?

The IFC requires that the riser room's ambient temperature be maintained at 40°F (4°C) or higher via a permanently installed heating device to ensure the system piping and components don't freeze. This same temperature threshold is required for fire-pump rooms in NFPA 20 and valve rooms in NFPA 13.

What is a building riser?

Definition of Riser in Construction The term riser is used in the construction industry for any type of pipe, culvert, shaft, etc. that rises up in a vertical direction. A riser can be a waterline, sanitary line, air shaft, ventilation piping or shaft, catch basin vertical section, manhole vertical section, etc.

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