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What is a regent at a university?

Board of Regents. An independent governing body that oversees a state's public Colleges and Universities. A number of states call the body that administers the state college and university system the board of regents. The word regent is an English term that originally meant ruler.

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Then, what is the role of the Board of Regents?

The duties of the regents include overseeing the financial management of the university, its investments, and its property holdings as well as appointing the president of the university. The student regent is a full member of the board. This includes participation in all meetings and voting in all matters.

Secondly, what is governance in a university? The term 'academic governance' refers to how the academic matters of the institution are governed. Typically, academic governance will cover matters such as student admissions, academic standards and academic quality. By contrast 'Corporate governance' is normally describes areas such as finance and estates.

In this regard, how much do university regents make?

New salaries for the 15 range from $231,750 for Anne Shaw, chief of staff for the UC regents, to $991,942 for Mark Laret, chief executive of UC San Francisco's medical center. Many of the them had salaries above $400,000 before the new increase.

How are the board of regents for public universities in the state selected?

Members of public university boards are most often selected by the state governor. Four states (Colorado, Michigan, Nebraska, and Nevada) elect members of some university boards by popular vote. Boards of private universities can be selected either by an alumni vote, or by the existing members of the board.

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