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What is a promotion board?

promotion board in British English
(pr?ˈm????n b?ːd) the department of an organization, business, etc, responsible for promotion or advertising. tourism promotion board. Collins English Dictionary.

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Accordingly, do you have to go to the board to get promoted?

Under this new directive, all soldiers in the primary zone will be added to the E-5 or E-6 promotion recommended list and go before a local board. “Appearance before a local promotion board is mandatory for all eligible soldiers,” the Army wrote in the All-Activities message.

Additionally, when can a SPC go to the promotion board? A specialist in the primary zone must now make a local board appearance by the time they reach 35 months in service and 11 months in grade. If they don't, they will automatically be added to the mandatory promotion list for consideration at 47 months in service and 23 months in grade.

Likewise, people ask, can you get promoted in the IRR?

You can go on paid active duty tours. Depending on the section of the IRR that you are in, you even do drill (such as the Individual Augmentee - IA program). You get 15 free points a year for membership. If you earn at least 27 points a year, you can be eligible for promotion.

When can an e4 go to the promotion board?

If you are an exceptional soldier, who has been nominated by your commanding officer, or if there is an exceptional need for officers at the next pay grade, you may be eligible to appear the promotion board, if you have completed 16 months of service, of which four months or more were at the E-4 pay grade.

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