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What is a pool suction?

Suction Side Cleaners: All Pool Types
The suction side refers to the pipes and fittings that bring water out of the pool to be filtered; that water which is being "sucked" out of the pool by the filter pump. Usually this is the pool skimmer, although some older pools have a dedicated vacuum line.

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Also question is, what is a swimming pool suction valve?

Pool valves are used to control the direction of water flow, to and from the pool, and in and out of equipment. In between our suction pipes and the return pipe are the pool pump and filter, and maybe a heater.

Beside above, are pool suctions dangerous? While it is true that pool drains have the potential to be dangerous, they are not dangerous in the way that irrational fears may portray the danger. For example, you will not get sucked into a pool drain simply by swimming in close proximity to it.

Likewise, people ask, why doesn't my pool vacuum have suction?

Suction-Side Problems Possible reasons for this problem include the following: The water level in the pool is too low. Make sure the water is high enough to cover all the skimmers—if there is more than one—and all the return jets. The suction hose for the vacuum has holes, or it isn't fully connected.

What is the bottom drain in a pool for?

Pool Drain Systems. We've already seen that the water in a swimming pool needs to circulate through a filtering system, to remove dirt and debris. During normal operation, water flows to the filtering system through two or more main drains at the bottom of the pool and multiple skimmer drains around the top of the pool

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