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What is a pneumatic antishock garment used for?

pneumatic antishock garment an inflatable garment used to combat shock, stabilize fractures, promote hemostasis and increase peripheral vascular resistance. Called also MAST suit.

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Keeping this in view, what is a Pasg used for?

Military anti-shock trousers, or pneumatic anti-shock garments (PASG), are medical devices used to treat severe blood loss.

Also Know, what is Mast garment? Medical anti-shock trousers (MAST), also known as military anti-shock trousers or pneumatic anti-shock garments (PASG), are medical devices made of synthetic inflatable air bladders which are applied to a patient's abdomen, pelvis, and lower extremities.

People also ask, what does Nasg mean?

non-pneumatic anti-shock garment

When can I remove Nasg?

It is important to emphasize that NASG removal should only begin when the patient has had <50mL blood loss per hour for two hours and her pulse and blood pressure have remained stable for two hours. Please use local or national guidelines to determine the standard definitions of stable pulse and blood pressure.

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