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What is a plain whorl fingerprint?

Whorl, plain - A type of print pattern that consists of one or more friction ridges making a complete circuit and two deltas; an imaginary line drawn between the two deltas touches or crosses at least one recurving ridge within the inner pattern area.

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In this way, what is a whorl fingerprint?

Whorls - form circular or spiral patterns, like tiny whirlpools. There are four groups of whorls: plain (concentric circles), central pocket loop (a loop with a whorl at the end), double loop (two loops that create an S-like pattern) and accidental loop (irregular shaped).

Similarly, what is the difference between plain whorl and central pocket whorl? Difference from a plain whorl – imaginary line drawn from delta to delta must not cut or touch a recurving ridge in front of the inner delta. The line of flow of a central pocket loop whorl is determined by drawing an imaginary line between the inner delta and the center of the innermost recurving ridge.

People also ask, are whorl fingerprints rare?

A whorl print is very rare anywhere on the palm. In some human populations whorls are more common, such as among aboriginal Australians, Eskimos and in some parts of Asia. Europeans tend to have more loops. Arches are more common among the Bushmen, Efe pygmies and oddly enough, the Dutch.

What are the 3 categories of fingerprints?

While many subclasses of fingerprint patterns exist, the three main classes of fingerprints are whorls, arches and loops.

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