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What is a PIP sensor on Ford?

The PIP is a Hall Effect magnetic sensor that triggers the TFI and injectors. There is a shutter wheel alternately covers and uncovers a fixed magnet as it rotates. The change in the magnetic field triggers the sensor. A failing PIP sensor will often set code 14 in the computer.

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Accordingly, how do I know if my TFI module is bad?

A bad TFI symptoms are, you're driving along and the car dies for no reason. Pull over, let it cool down some and it starts. Drive it a couple of miles and the same thing happens. With sputtering and black smoke, I would surmise it's not electrical.

Likewise, what is a TFI module? TFI stands for thick film ignition, or thick film integrated ignition (TFI-IV, in conjunction with EEC-IV). It is a small grey plastic module that houses solid-state electronic parts, all of which are suspended in a thick translucent, electrolytic (meaning it is conductive) film.

Hereof, how do I change the distributor on a PIP sensor?

The PIP sensor is mounted in the bottom of the distributor under the shutter wheel. In stock Ford distributors, you have to press the gear off the distributor shaft to get access to it to replace it. To remove the gear, first you drive out the roll pin that secures the gear to the shaft.

Where is the TFI module located?

The TFI is located on the driver side fender near the firewall. It is mounted to a heatsink. Yup, TFI module is right close to the hood hinge on the driver side fender.

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