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What is a Navy JQR?

JQRs are designed to qualifying SH personnel in performing certain duties. It is a compilation of the knowledge and skills required to qualify for a specific workstation, maintain specific equipment or perform as a team member within your unit.

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Keeping this in view, what is JQR?

Meaning. JQR. Job Qualification Requirement. JQR. Joint Qualification Requirements (US DoD)

Beside above, where can I find Navy PQS? A: The Navy Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) are on My Navy Portal (MNP) and can be viewed at Under Career & Life Events > Training, Education Qualifications from the top meny, and then click on Qualifications > Personnel Qualificataion Standards in left-hand menu.

Furthermore, what is a Navy PQS?

PQS is an integral part of the development of the Navy's workforce. 4. Scope. PQS is a qualification process for officer, enlisted, government civilians, and contract civilian personnel and is used when certification to a minimum level of competency is required prior to qualifying to perform specific duties.

What service record page is reserved for administrative remarks?

The Administrative Remarks form, when completed, becomes a service record Page 13 and is retained permanently in the U. S. Navy Enlisted Service Record (NAVCRUIT 1070/3).

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