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What is a ministerial act in real estate?

A broker may perform ministerial acts for the other party in a real estate transaction without developing a brokerage engagement. BRRETA defines ministerial acts as actions of a licensee that do not require the exercise of the licensee's judgment or discretion.

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Furthermore, what do you mean by ministerial act?

Ministerial act. An act performed without the independent exercise of discretion.

Similarly, what is Brreta in real estate? The Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act (“BRRETA”) is a consumer protection state statute that governs the relationship between real estate brokers and consumers of real estate brokerage services in Georgia in order to protect both brokers and consumers from issues that may arise from time-to-time

In this manner, who can provide ministerial acts to a customer?

Similarly, a licensee representing a buyer in the purchase of a home for sale by owner, may provide similar assistance to the seller to complete post-contract matters and facilitate settlement. These acts, which assist a non-client, are “ministerial acts”.

When acting as a dual agent A licensee shall not?

A licensee shall not disclose to clients when acting as a dual agent: (1) Confidential information that the licensee may know about either of the clients, without that client's permission. (2) The price the seller or landlord will take other than the listing price without the permission of the seller or landlord.

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