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What is a Medicare status indicator?

OPPS Payment Status Indicators. Medicare has assigned each HCPCS / CPT code a letter that signifies whether Medicare will reimburse the service and how it will be reimbursed. The indicator also helps in determining whether policy rules, such as packaging and discounting, apply.

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Herein, what are status indicators?

The status indicator identifies whether the service described by the HCPCS code is paid under the OPPS and if so, whether payment is made separately or packaged. The status indicator may also provide additional information about how the code is paid under the OPPS or under another payment system or fee schedule.

Also Know, what does Status Indicator M mean? service not billable to FI

Keeping this in view, what are status indicators in APC's?

Status indicator 'S' represents a significant procedure, and is not discounted when you report multiple CPT codes that group to APCs with multiple 'S' status indicators. Status indicator 'T' is also a significant procedure, but multiple procedure reduction applies.

What is j1 status indicator for Medicare?

(Note: Status Indicator “T” means a paid service under the OPPS with separate APC payment and status indicatorJ1” means that hospital Part B services are paid through a comprehensive APC.)

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