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What is a major function of the Sudoriferous gland?

Sudoriferous gland: The sudoriferous (sweat) glands are small tubular structures situated within and under the skin (in the subcutaneous tissue). They discharge sweat by tiny openings in the surface of the skin. It is also called perspiration.

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Considering this, what is the main function of the Sudoriferous gland?

Sweat glands are used to regulate temperature and remove waste by secreting water, sodium salts, and nitrogenous waste (such as urea) onto the skin surface. The main electrolytes of sweat are sodium and chloride, though the amount is small enough to make sweat hypotonic at the skin surface.

Also Know, what structure is a type of Sudoriferous gland? Eccrine glands are composed of an intraepidermal spiral duct, the "acrosyringium"; a dermal duct, consisting of a straight and coiled portion; and a secretory tubule, coiled deep in the dermis or hypodermis. The eccrine gland opens out through the sweat pore.

Also to know is, what is the function of Sudoriferous glands quizlet?

Also called sudoriferous glands. Sweat glands are a small coiled tubular gland that produces and secretes sweat. They are found all over the body distributed in the dermis of the skin.

What are the four types of Sudoriferous glands?

There are four types of glands in the integumentary system: Sudoriferous glands, Sebaceous glands, Ceruminous glands, and Mammary glands. Sudoriferous glands are sweat producing glands. These are important to help maintain body temperature.

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