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What is a hybrid tomato?

Hybrid tomato plants combine two different varieties of tomato plant to produce a cultivated variety with beneficial traits from both its parents. Some of the benefits hybrid tomatoes can provide compared to non-hybrid varieties include improved disease resistance, higher-quality fruit or a specific growth habit.

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Correspondingly, are hybrid tomatoes healthy?

Packed full of flavor and lycopene. A breakthrough in breeding, this tomato is actually healthier for you than others you can grow or buy. Packed with the 50% more of the beneficial antioxidant lycopene, this prolific saladette produces a bountiful crop of 4 oz., sweet red fruits.

Additionally, what tomatoes are not hybrid? Heirloom tomatoes are varieties that have been grown without crossbreeding for 40 or more years. This is in contrast to the typical supermarket tomatoes, which are hybrids that have been carefully crossbred to have particular characteristics.

Also question is, can you save seeds from a hybrid tomato?

Yes. In fact, many gardeners find it interesting to save and grow hybrid tomato seeds because the results are unpredictable. Tomato plants grown from saved hybrid seeds can bear excellent and tasty fruit.

What is the difference between an heirloom tomato and a regular tomato?

Regular vs Heirloom Hybrid (normal) tomatoes are selected for their yield, resistance to diseases and shelf life. Heirlooms are prized for their diversity of color, shape and flavor and come from plant seeds that are at least 50 years old.

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