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What is a good accent color for cream?

Warm and Complementary
Lavender, across from cream on the color wheel, is cream's complementary color. Complementary hues -- color opposites -- have appealing contrast. Cream and lavender or pale purple may produce a cutesy or ultra-feminine atmosphere that isn't for everyone.

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Moreover, how do you choose an accent color?

If you want to make you accent colors pop, here are the proven options you can try based on color theory:

  1. Choose a complementary color to your bold wall color. For blue-green, the complement is red-orange.
  2. Choose a monochromatic color that contrasts with your bold wall color.

Also Know, what wall color looks good with cream cabinets?

  • Blue. If you want your cream cabinets to have a fun contemporary vibe, blue is the ideal color.
  • Red. Bring out the warm tones in cream by pairing it with bright red.
  • Black and white. Give a warmer feel to a black-and-white palette by mixing in some cream.
  • White.
  • Bright green.
  • Orange.
  • Sage.

Just so, what is a good accent color?

Hot pink is a great accent color, especially when involved with other bold shades like teal or rich turquoise. And this space has even more accenting bits like neutral textures and a pop of green. Powder blue, silver and a bit of gray and white makes a gorgeous pairing for bedrooms or living room alike.

Should kitchen cabinets be lighter or darker than walls?

If you have dark walls, definitely choose lighter cabinets. If your walls are light, it can go either way. With lighter cabinets, your kitchen will feel more spacious and bright. And don't forget to add great hardware!

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