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What is a global spell in wizard101?

Global spells are the 'domes' that appear over the entire dueling circle, encompassing and impacting all teammates and enemies alike! New Global Spells have been added for players level 97 or higher.

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Similarly one may ask, how do you get critical spells in wizard101?

Critical and block are gotten from certain equipment. You have to wear something that has critcal on it. it is included in the new gear drops, dont worry you will get some soon. You should look for gear in the bazaar, some Celestial gear will boost your critical rating.

Also Know, what is manipulation wizard101? Manipulation. Manipulation spells serve a variety of purposes. They can summon Minions to help you, Reshuffle either your or a friend's deck, or give pips to other players. Prisms, which convert a spell's power to that of its opposite school, are also Manipulation spells (for example, Fire Prism converts Fire to Ice).

Also asked, what is Wyldfire wizard101?

Wyldfire adds fire damage bonus to any fire spell no matter who cast it. When you summon a minion you need to use pips after that the minion uses his own pips. +1 pip means that they give one starting pip/power pip.

What level do you get critical in wizard101?

After you reach level 50, you can peruse the Bazaar for new gear every 2 levels, and some of this gear has Critical Hit/Block.

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