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What is a forward graduation haircut?

Forward or C-Shape graduated haircuts
Also performed on longer lengths, forward (or C-shaped) graduation is a variation of long graduation and creates a very different look. The technique involves pulling the hair forward and cutting from shorter to longer.

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Likewise, what is forward graduation?

The Forward Graduation technique is a combination of the One Length cutting technique at the back, and face-framing graduation at the front.

Also Know, what is a solid form haircut? The solid form haircut appears as a smooth one length haircut. When all the lengths fall naturally with gravity, they follow the curve of the head and all fall to one level giving weight at the perimeter line. It has an increase in lengths from the exterior to the interior in the underneath layers.

Regarding this, what is a short graduation cut?

Short Graduation. A classic style, the short graduation is also known as a tapered or short business man's cut. With this common men's hair style, the hair is left long enough to be able to come on top and then tapers down in length around the neck and ears.

What is a 45 degree haircut?

• A haircut with a heavy weight line. along the perimeter. • It's movement falls diagonal from. back to front. • Builds weight at a 45° angle.

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