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What is a flash chamber?

Flash Chamber is generally used in multistage refrigeration system. It is present between expansion valve and evaporator coil. Flash chamber separates liquid from vapour refrigerant and sends only liquid refrigerant to evaporator and vapour to compressor by bypassing evaporator coil.

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Accordingly, what is flash intercooling?

A flash chamber is a device which separates liquid from vapors. Only liquid is then passed to evaporator and the vapors will be passed to the compressor directly. This flash chamber between the condenser and evaporator is known as flash intercooling.

Subsequently, question is, what is steam jet refrigeration? Definition of steam jet refrigeration. A method of cooling involving the use of steam nozzles to reduce the pressure in a water chamber so that the water boils at a low temperature; since heat is drawn from the water, it is thus cooled.

One may also ask, what is flash gas in a refrigeration system?

In refrigeration, flash-gas is refrigerant in gas form produced spontaneously when the condensed liquid is subjected to boiling. The presence of flash-gas in the liquid lines reduces the efficiency of the refrigeration cycle.

What is the function of flash?

Flash memory is a non-volatile memory chip used for storage and for transfering data between a personal computer (PC) and digital devices. It has the ability to be electronically reprogrammed and erased. It is often found in USB flash drives, MP3 players, digital cameras and solid-state drives.

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