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What is a fixed hinge?

A fixed hinge is designed to take the full weight of the kitchen door so you don't use the hinges originally supplied with your kitchen cabinets.

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Also to know is, what is the difference between a fixed hinge and a sliding hinge?

With fridge/freezer appliances you have the option of going for a 'Fixed Hinge' or 'Sliding Hinge' system. Ultimately they each do the same thing, but if you have a sliding hinge fridge, you will need an additional (4x) Butt Hinges to hang the doors off the leg. As you then open the door, it pulls the fridge door open.

Beside above, what does fixed hinge mean on Fridge Freezer? A fixed/door-on-door fitting means that the cabinet door is attached and fixed to the fridge door. There is only one set of strong hinges used to support the combined door unit.

what is a fixed hinge dishwasher?

Companies like AO say "This model has a fixed hinge. This means that, unlike a sliding hinge, the furniture door is attached directly to the appliance door hinges and brackets, and will move as one when you open it.

What is a sliding rail fridge freezer?

With a sliding door there is a rail across the inside of the cabinet door, which the fridge door sits in. As the door opens, the fridge door slides along this rail. This mechanism uses two sets of hinges; one for the furniture door and another for the fridge door.

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