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What is a fit for duty exam?

According to OSHA, fit for duty means that an individual is in a physical, mental, and emotional state which enables the employee to perform the essential tasks of his or her work assignment in a manner which does NOT threaten the safety or health of oneself, co-workers, property, or the public at large.

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Also to know is, what is involved in a fit for work test?

Fit-for-Duty testing gives an employer a recommendation to hire and, if applicable, provides them with a comprehensive report of a candidate's medical and/or physical limitations, along with potential workplace restrictions and/or accommodations based on the job's PDA.

One may also ask, can an employer require you to take a physical? An employer cannot require you to take a medical examination before offering you a job. Following a job offer, an employer can condition the offer of employment on your passing a required medical examination, but only if it requires all employees in that job to take the same examination.

Keeping this in consideration, when can an employer require a fit for duty test?

Under these guidelines, an employer could require a fitness for duty examination when it has first-hand knowledge of an employee's medical condition, has observed concerning behaviors that relate to performance of the employee's job duties, and can rationally and reasonably attribute those concerns to the medical

What is a return to work physical?

Return-to-work physical exams help to ensure that it's safe for you to go back to work after an injury. If you're not ready, they help determine when it would be right for you to return to work. One of Concentra's most common return-to-work physicals is the “Functional Capacity Evaluation” (FCE).

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