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What is a downstream injector?

Downstream injection introduces chemical into the system after the pump, so no chemical is ran through the pressure washer pump itself. A downstream injector works by maintaining a certain PSI on the pump side of the injector by means of an orifice installed into the injector body.

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Also question is, how do you install downstream injectors?

The best place to install the downstream injector is to attach quick couplers to both ends and insert it where the pressure hose connects to the power washer. If you are using a hot water power washer then insert the injector where the water exits the burner or the hose reel.

Also Know, how does a soap injector work on a pressure washer? As already mentioned above, it is a device that limits the stream of water via a small hole to make the stream more concentrated. Another interesting feature about this little device is that it has a port wherein the chemical soap is brought into the stream through vacuum suction.

Similarly, it is asked, how does a chemical injector work?

When a chemical or soap nozzle is used, and the pressure is reduced below this point, the ball can lift from the seat inside the injector, and allow chemical to flow. The lower the pressure, the easier it is for the chemical to enter the water stream.

What does Downstreaming mean in pressure washing?

Downstreaming. Putting the chemical into the water after the pump. The chemicals are applied at low pressure. The chemicals do not pass through your pump so they cannot damage it.

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