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What is a diminished image?

An upright image of an object is said to be erect. If the size of the image formed is smaller than the object, the image is said to be diminished.

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Just so, what is meant by diminished image?

1. Diminished image's size is smaller than the size of the object, whereas the size of a magnified image is larger than the object. The diminished image is usually formed in front of the mirror and the magnified image is usually formed behind the mirror.

Subsequently, question is, how do you tell if an image is magnified or diminished? The second way of describing an image involves relating the size of the image to the size of the original object. If an image is smaller than the original object it is called diminished and if it is larger it is called magnified.

Thereof, what does diminished mean?

diminish. Diminish means to make smaller or lesser. If you cover a lightbulb with a dark lamp shade, the light from the lamp will diminish. It can also mean become less important. Once the light has been dimmed, its role in lighting the room is diminished.

What is the magnified image?

Optical magnification is the ratio between the apparent size of an object (or its size in an image) and its true size, and thus it is a dimensionless number.

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