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What is a deep socket?

A deep socket will generally be around one inch long. This will allow you to use a socket wrench in inaccessible places, especially if you have an extension on the driver.

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Accordingly, what is a deep socket used for?

Deep sockets are useful for turning nuts onto bolts when the bolt extends upwards into the socket (as in the case of many bolted joints), a very typical example being exhaust clamp bolts on a car.

Similarly, should I get shallow or deep impact sockets? Shallow are good for smaller bolts and where you need clearance, but deep sockets are saviors for those hard-to-reach bolts and will let you get a better grip on nuts threaded far down a blind bolt/stud.

Similarly one may ask, what is a deep well socket?

Deep well sockets usually are for reach, not to have the nut deep inside them. More modern design has a stronger socket by making the points shallower. They are used instead of a shallow and an extension, or to go over a bolt or spark plug body.

What does drive size mean for sockets?

Drive Hole indicates the size of the drive hole (also referred to as the "driver hole" or "square hole"), which determines the torque size of the driver tool you'll need. For example, you'd use a ½-inch drive socket with a ½-inch drive ratchet. L indicates the overall socket length.

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