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What is a contraindication to taking a tympanic temperature?

contraindications for tympanic thermometer. ear infection, tubes in ear, ear wax.

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Keeping this in view, what is a tympanic temperature?

An ear (tympanic) temperature is 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) higher than an oral temperature. An armpit (axillary) temperature is usually 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) lower than an oral temperature.

what is the advantage of using a tympanic thermometer to take temperature? The advantages of tympanic membrane thermometry are speed (temperature reading available within seconds), safety, and ease of use. The aim of this study was to compare the accuracy of infrared tympanic thermometers in comparison to mercury thermometers in measurement of body temperature.

Regarding this, when should a tympanic thermometer not be used?

When to Call the Doctor

Fever Guide °F (degrees in fahrenheit)
Child's Age Normal Call the Doctor
Oral (under the tongue) NOT RECOMMENDED
Ear (tympanic) Up to 99°F 104°F Take rectal temperature
Axillary (armpit) Up to 99°F 103°F Take rectal temperature

What is tympanic membrane temperature?

Tympanic Temperature. The normal tympanic temperature is usually 0.3–0.6°C higher than an oral temperature (OER #1). It is accurate because the tympanic membrane shares the same vascular artery that perfuses the hypothalamus (OER #1).

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