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What is a condensate switch?

A Condensate Safety Float Switch is designed to keep your HVAC equipment and your home dry in case of a condensate drainage issue. You may need a condensate float switch if you have an air conditioner that is not draining properly at the condensate drain pipe.

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People also ask, what is a condensate safety switch?

Condensate Switch Controversy. Float (condensate) switches are designed so that they will remain closed when water is going down the drain like it's supposed to and then open when an overflow condition occurs.

One may also ask, how do you hook up a Little Giant condensate pump? How to Install a Little Giant Condensate Pump

  1. Set the heating and air conditioning thermostat to the "Off" position and turn off the power to the furnace at the main house panel.
  2. Remove the service panel on the furnace to gain access to the condensate pump.
  3. Remove the pump's three-prong power cord plug from its receptacle.

Simply so, what does a safe T switch do?

Safe T Switch detects clogged A/C condensate drains and shuts off the system to prevent water damage to floors, walls and ceilings. Can be installed horizontally or vertically, inline or on the primary pan's auxiliary drain outlet by using the included ¾” adapter, bushing and cap.

How do you clean a condensate pump?

Cleaning a Condensate Pump in 8 Steps

  1. Inspect the condensate pump for water.
  2. Turn the power off at the source.
  3. Disconnect the PVC tubing connected to the reservoir.
  4. Remove the condensate pump and place it in a suitable work area.
  5. Rinse the reservoir.
  6. Remove any clogs.
  7. Reconnect the drain lines.

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