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What is a commercial grease trap?

The commercial grease trap (aka grease interceptor) is a basic part of the plumbing and sanitary system of mos. t restaurants and food service establishments. In order for an establishment to remain up to code, it must have a properly installed and working grease trap that receives regular maintenance to clean it out.

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Keeping this in view, what is a grease trap for restaurants?

Grease interceptors are large in-ground outdoor tanks that prevent FOG and food solids from entering the sanitary sewer or septic system at restaurant facilities. Conventional Grease Traps are referred to as passive grease traps and gravity based grease traps. Grease Traps were originally designed over 100 years ago.

Subsequently, question is, who needs a grease trap? Why Grease Traps Are Necessary for Commercial Kitchens Any building that houses a commercial kitchen (or other food processing area) should probably have a grease trap. These areas process FOG and other cooking byproducts in very large amounts, all of which often end up being washed down the drain after being used.

Simply so, what are grease traps used for?

Grease Traps, Separators and Interceptors. The purpose of a grease trap is to collect and therefore reduce the amount of fats, oils and greases (FOG's) that enter the main sewers. Grease entering the main sewer system will over time create blockages, foul odours and pest infestation.

How hot is a grease trap?

The mechanical dishwasher requires a minimum temperature of 160° F, but the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) prohibits discharging the dishwasher to grease traps. Temperatures in excess of 140° F will dissolve grease, but the grease can re- congeal or solidify in the sanitary sewer collection system as the water cools.

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