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What is a cold open SNL?

Since its inception, for 44 years, Saturday Night Live has opened its show with legendary sketches known as the “cold open.” More often than not, the cold open is topical, usually political, and always ends with the shows iconic intro, “Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!”

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Hereof, what does cold open mean on Saturday Night Live?

A cold open (also called a teaser sequence) is a narrative tactic used in television and films. It is the technique of jumping directly into a story at the beginning of the show before the title sequence or opening credits are shown.

Also Know, what show started the cold open? According to Wikipedia, cold opens became common practice for television shows in the 1960s with shows like Star Trek. Just think about all those TV shows where the music flourished as the scene faded to black, then went to the title sequence.

In this regard, what is a cold open for the office?

A cold open is the opening of a show usually before it hits the title sequence. When it comes to The Office, the cold opens are usually nothing short of excellent. Sometimes it's related to the plot of the whole episode. It's a staple of most TV shows, but The Office has made it sort of its own thing.

How long is a cold open?

Cold Open – 2.5 pages. First Act – 18 pages. Second Act – 13.5 pages.

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