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What is a chronic effect?

chronic effect. Adverse effect on animal or human body with symptoms that develop slowly, due to long and continuous exposure to low concentrations of a hazardous substance. Such symptoms do not usually subside when the exposure stops. Opposite of acute effect.

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In this way, what is a chronic health effect?

A chronic health effect is an adverse health effect resulting from long-term exposure to a substance. The term is also applied to a persistent (months, years or permanent) adverse health effect resulting from a short-term (acute) exposure.

Similarly, what is acute and chronic effects? Generally, the terms "acute" and "chronic" are used to delineate between effects on the basis of severity or duration. "Acute" effects usually occur rapidly as a result of short-term exposures, and are of short duration. "Chronic" effects generally occur as a result of long-term exposure, and are of long duration.

In this regard, what are acute effects?

An acute effect is a physiological reaction in a human or animal body resulting in serious symptoms that develop rapidly during short-term (acute) exposure to toxic chemicals or substances. Symptoms are dangerous and severe but often subside after the exposure stops.

What is an example of chronic toxicity?

Harmful effects caused in repeated exposure situations are sometimes called chronic toxicity effects. The following are some examples of chronic toxicity: Inhalation of certain acid vapours at concentrations may, over long periods of time, cause loss of tooth enamel, eventually leading to extensive tooth decay.

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