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What is a Christmas cookie exchange?

Cookie and Candy Exchange Timeline
Ask each person to bring 8 to 10 dozen of the same cookie, copies of their recipe and large containers in which to take cookies home. As guests RSVP, keep track of who is bringing what so there are no duplicates. Remind them to bring copies of their recipe to share.

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Keeping this in consideration, what do you do at a cookie exchange?

Provide plenty of water, milk, and even set up a hot chocolate bar to pair with the cookies. If the cookie swap is during the daytime, you can set out small sandwiches and sides to avoid major clean-up. If you're hosting a cookie swap during the evening, try a menu of savory appetizers and finger foods.

Also Know, how do you present cookies for a cookie exchange? The concept of a cookie exchange is fairly simple: Make a few dozen of one kind of cookie, invite some friends to do the same then get together and fill a tray, tin or box with a few cookies from everybody's contribution.

Accordingly, what is a cookie crawl at Christmas?

A cookie crawl is a family-friendly community event where you pay a small ticket fee, receive an empty box, and then go to local businesses and fill the box with cookies. Cookie crawls are a great way to stock up on Christmas cookies (especially if you're short on time to do baking).

How do I host a cookie decorating party?

How to Host the Best Cookie Decorating Party

  1. Here's my secret to being a rock star cookie decorating party hostess.
  2. Things You'll Need:
  3. Pick three to four cookie cutters that match your theme.
  4. Buy some fun sprinkles and edible icing decorations.
  5. Pick a Color Palette.
  6. Make Cookie Dough and Bake.
  7. Make Royal Icing.
  8. Set up workspace.

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