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What is a chalet bungalow?

Chalet bungalow
A bungalow with loft has a second-storey loft. "Chalet bungalow" is also used in British English for where the area enclosed within pitched roof contains rooms, even if this comprises a large part of the living area and is fully integrated into the fabric of the property.

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Also know, what is a chalet style house?

æle?/ in British English; in American English usually /?æˈle?/), also called Swiss chalet, is a type of building or house, typical of the Alpine region in Europe. It is made of wood, with a heavy, gently sloping roof and wide, well-supported eaves set at right angles to the front of the house.

Also Know, what is a dormer bungalow? Building a Dormer Bungalow vs Two Storey House. Sometimes referred to as storey-and-a-half or chalet/dormer bungalows, as the names imply, these properties feature rooms positioned between the ceiling of the first storey and the roofline, without full-height walls on the upper level.

Also to know, what is the difference between a dormer bungalow and a house?

Common features of many bungalows include verandas and being low-rise. In North America and the United Kingdom, a bungalow today is a house, normally detached, that may contain a small loft. It is either single-story or has a second story built into a sloping roof, usually with dormer windows (one-and-a-half stories).

What is a bungalow called with an upstairs?

A chalet bungalow is a type of bungalow house that has a small living space on a second floor or loft. Today, bungalows use quality building materials but still mimic traditional layouts. The sloping roof and gables featured on all bungalows are also common on the chalet bungalow.

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