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What is a caucus election?

Caucus: A meeting of the local members of a political party to select delegates to the national party convention. A caucus is a substitute for a primary election. Winning candidates will have delegates sent to the national party convention as their party's U.S. presidential nominee.

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In this way, what is a caucus and what is its purpose?

In United States politics and government, caucus has several distinct but related meanings. Members of a political party or subgroup may meet to coordinate members' actions, choose group policy, or nominate candidates for various offices.

Furthermore, how do caucuses work? Unlike primary elections in most other U.S. states, where registered voters go to polling places to cast ballots, Iowans instead gather at local caucus meetings to discuss and vote on the candidates. The caucuses are also held to select delegates to county conventions and party committees, among other party activities.

Similarly, it is asked, what is the difference between a primary and a caucus?

State and local governments run the primary elections, while caucuses are private events that are directly run by the political parties themselves. These delegates then in turn select their party's presidential nominee.

What are caucuses?

A caucus is a meeting of supporters or members of a specific political party or movement. The term originated in the United States, but has spread to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Nepal. As the use of the term has expanded, the exact definition has come to vary between political cultures.

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