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What is a bulb auger?

The bulb auger is designed for ordinary household drills. You can: dig holes for vegetable or flower planting, drill pilot holes for easier installation of tree or grade stakes, deep root water, aerate or liquid fertilize trees, and turn and aerate compost piles.

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Also to know is, what is a garden auger?

Garden Planting Auger & Grass Plug Tool: Designed to allow you to plant grass plugs and small annuals much faster than with a shovel or garden trowel, this digging drill bit pulverizes the soil to give your plants better soil-to-root contact.

Also, how do you dig holes for tulip bulbs? When you're ready to start planting, dig holes for the bulbs that are 6 inches deep and spaced 4 inches apart. Place the bulbs in the holes so they're pointy-side up and then fill the holes in with soil. To finish planting your tulip bulbs, pack the soil down with your hands and lightly water it.

Similarly, you may ask, can I use an auger to plant trees?

Earth Augers The auger digs holes into the ground in the same way a drill works on wood. While the biggest augers are mounted on large equipment, like backhoes and tractors, portable augers can be rented for home use.

How do you plant bulbs?

Plant: Depending on the bulb, follow the recommendation on the label for planting depth. As a general rule, plant big bulbs about 8" deep and small bulbs about 5" deep. Set the bulb in the hole pointy side up or the roots down. It's easy to spot the pointy end of a tulip, and tougher with a crocus.

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