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What is a blanket with arms called?

A sleeved blanket is a body-length blanket with sleeves usually made of fleece or nylon material. It is similar in design to a bathrobe that is meant to be worn backwards (i.e., with the opening in the back).

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Beside this, who invented the Snuggie blanket?

Gary Clegg

One may also ask, how much does a Snuggie cost? Glancing at the website, you might think $19.95. That's the most popular price for infomercial products - a "charm" price that seems so much less than $20. But as Consumer Reports notes, a $19.95 item usually costs $5 or $6 wholesale.

Just so, what is Snuggie mean?

The definition of Snuggies™ are made-for-TV products that consist of a blanket with sleeves that is worn as a poncho. An example of Snuggies™ are fleece blankets with sleeves that you buy off the TV to keep warm. Snuggies are long underwear. An example of snuggies are long underwear worn to keep warm on cold days.

How do you wear a Snuggie?

Hold the Snuggie in front of you and locate the sleeves. The Snuggie will fit onto your body backwards, with the opening of the Snuggie at your back and the solid piece covering your front--similar to a hospital gown. Insert your arms into the Snuggie sleeves.

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