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What is a bifurcated hearing?

Bifurcation is a judge's ability in law to divide a trial into two parts so as to render a judgment on a set of legal issues without looking at all aspects. Frequently, civil cases are bifurcated into separate liability and damages proceedings.

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Also know, what is a bifurcated trial in a death penalty case?

A “bifurcated trial” refers to a trial divided into two stages: (1) guilt phase and (2) penalty phase. During the guilt phase, a jury decides the defendant's guilt or innocence.

Furthermore, what is a bench trial hearing? A bench trial is a trial by judge, as opposed to a trial by jury. The term applies most appropriately to any administrative hearing in relation to a summary offense to distinguish the type of trial. Many legal systems (Roman, Islamic) use bench trials for most or all cases or for certain types of cases.

Also know, what is bifurcation arbitration?

Bifurcation - Additional Facility Arbitration. Bifurcation most often refers to the separation of jurisdictional issues from the merits and is defined as a separate jurisdictional phase to consider the jurisdictional and admissibility objections raised by the respondent.

What does capital case mean?

Capital case is a prosecution case for murder in which a jury is asked to decide whether a defendant should be put to death, if found guilty. A prosecutor must charge special circumstances in order to sentence a defendant to death. Capital case is also called as death penalty case.

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