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What is a 314 police code?

23152. Misdemeanor Drunk Driving. 503. 10851. Stolen Vehicle (also a penal code section, 487A, Grand Theft Auto)

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In this way, what is a 217 police code?

Among common codes used for penal monitoring purposes is code 217. When a pre-meditated murder is in progress and an officer needs back-up, code 217 or assault with murder attempt is the right code to use. The officer may simply say over the radio, “Code 217 at Madison Avenue.

Also Know, what is a 10 27 in police code? 10-26 Clear. 10-27 Driver's license check. 10-28 Vehicle registration request. 10-29f The subject is wanted for a felony.

Also question is, what is a 211 police call?

A 211 is a robbery.

What is a 10 45 police code?

10-45. Animal Carcass at ___ Bomb Threat. Fight. Subject Condition: A to D.

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