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What is 4a in Ford Expedition?

The new transfer case has a setting called 4A, which stands for automatic all-wheel drive. This setting puts the vehicle in full-time all-wheel-drive mode. The Ford system does not send power to all four wheels until it actually detects some amount of slip.

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Regarding this, what does 4a mean in a Ford Expedition?

(4A (4X4 AUTO) Provides electronic control four-wheel. drive with power delivered to the front and. rear wheels, as required, for increased. traction.

Furthermore, what does 2h 4a 4h 4l mean? As mentioned, you'll be faced with three options: 2H, 4H, and 4L. 2H is used for normal road driving. Two wheels are driven, usually the rear, in high-range, the normal gear ratio used for everyday driving. Both front and rear wheels are engaged in high-range, using the same gear ratio as 2H for normal driving speeds.

Keeping this in consideration, is it OK to drive in 4a?

Yes, it's fine to run in 4A. 2X is better for everyday driving because your front hubs are not turning like they are when in 4A. 4A is fine for every day driving. 4H and/or 4L is only for offroad and slippery road conditions.

What is the difference between 4a 4h and 4l?

4A has a differential between the front and rear output in the transfer case, 4H does not. 4A is like an all wheel drive and can be used on dry non slippery surface like dry pavement, 4H locks the front and rear output together, using it on non slippery surface put's a lot of strain on the drive train and steering.

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