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What is 221b Baker Street famous for?

The street is most famous for its connection to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, who lived at a fictional 221B Baker Street address on the north of the street. The area was originally high class residential, but now is mainly occupied by commercial premises.

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In this way, does 221b Baker Street exist today?

But 221B Baker street did not exist in 1881, nor did it exist in 1887 when A Study in Scarlet was published and Baker Street house numbers only extended into the 100s. If you visit 221B Baker Street today you'll find the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which was opened in 1990 by the Sherlock Holmes International Society.

Beside above, is 221b Baker Street a real address? It is fictitious. The present 221b Baker Street, now the site of the Sherlock Holmes Museum, is a special address recognised by the Post Office. It is in fact, at number 239. The number 221b indicates that it was a flat or apartment above number 221.

Accordingly, who lives at 221b Baker Street?

Sherlock Holmes

Why is 221b Baker Street?

221B Baker Street is the London address of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, created by author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Since the closure of Abbey House in 2005, ownership of the address by the Holmes Museum has not been challenged, despite its location between 237 and 241 Baker Street.

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