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What instruments are used in every breath you take?

  • Sting – lead and backing vocals, bass guitar, synthesizers.
  • Andy Summers – guitars, piano.
  • Stewart Copelanddrums, Oberheim DX.

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Keeping this in consideration, what movie has every breath you take in it?

This appears on the soundtrack of the 1999 Julia Roberts movie Runaway Bride. It was also used in the movies Risky Business (1983), Speed 2: Cruise Control (1987), The Replacements (2000), 50 First Dates (2004), Young at Heart (2007), What Just Happened (2008), and Heartbeats (2010).

Also, who covered every breath you take? Versions

Title Performer Release date
Every Breath You Take The Police 1983
Every Breath You Take Marilyn McCoo 1983
Stand by Every Breath Pink Project 1983
Polkas on 45 "Weird Al" Yankovic February 28, 1984

Herein, how much money does every breath you take make?

Specifically, royalties from classic "Every Breath You Take." According to the site, the bassist/vocalist makes nearly $2,000 a day from the single's royalties. That's upward of $730,000 a year from one song.

Why is the band The Police called the police?

In late November 1976, while on tour in Newcastle upon Tyne in northeast England with the British progressive rock band Curved Air, the band's American drummer Stewart Copeland met and exchanged phone numbers with an ambitious singer-bassist (and former schoolteacher) called Sting (so nicknamed due to his habit of

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