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What herbicide can be used on pumpkins?

The herbicide DCPA can be applied once the pumpkin plants have at least four or five leaves to control grasses and some broadleaf weeds. Clethodim can be used to control shorter grasses, such as bluegrass.

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Considering this, will atrazine kill pumpkins?

Atrazine is a broadleaf weed killer and will toast pumpkins. Preen (Treflan) will help with foxtail and grasses. If he is seeding direct in the ground, spray with Roundup or generic glyphosate before they sprout to kill existing weeds. You can shield the pumpkins when small and spray around them with glyphosate.

Also Know, how do you keep weeds down in a pumpkin patch? Black plastic mulch or a 2-4-inch layer of organic material will keep weed seeds from germinating. After weeds have sprouted, regain control by pulling, tilling or hoeing. A scuffle, or action hoe, works well where mulch is thin before the pumpkins begin to vine.

Then, can you use preen on pumpkins?

I used preen on some of my plants this year. You CAN NOT! put it down until the plant has five true leaves or is two weeks old. something on the pumpkin plants.

What is Outlook herbicide?

Product Information. Outlook® herbicide is a selective residual herbicide for controlling many annual grass weeds, annual broadleaf weeds, and sedge as they germinate (see Table 1).

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