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What happens when you stab a shark in the eye?

If you are swimming and completely unarmed, punch the shark's supersensitive nose or stab at its eyes or gills. If the shark bites into you and begins to drag you underwater, don't play dead or give up. Get aggressive and do some damage to the shark. It might just let go.

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Keeping this in consideration, what happens if you punch a shark in the eye?

If a shark bites you, what we recommend is you should hit the shark in the eye, in the nose, or stick your hand in the gills,” says Chris Lowe, of the California State University Long Beach Shark Lab, in an instructional video. “Those are all sensitive tissues and quite often it causes the shark to release.”

will you die if you get stabbed in the eye? A Colombian man who was stabbed in the eye with a knife, which pierced his brain, has survived, maintaining 90 percent of his sight and suffering no brain damage.

Beside above, what happens when you stab your eye?

Yes you can die from a stab to the eye. Right behind your eye is your brain. An object strong enough to penetrate your skull can easily cause a bleed inside your skull which will squeeze your brain till your heart stops (that's me putting it in simple terms).

Can a human beat a shark?

Nonetheless, a single bite can grievously injure a human if the animal involved is a powerful predator such as a great white or tiger shark. Feeding is not the reason sharks attack humans. In fact, humans do not provide enough high-fat meat for sharks, which need a lot of energy to power their large, muscular bodies.

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