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What happens when the temporal lobe is damaged?

Right temporal damage can cause a loss of inhibition of talking. The temporal lobes are highly associated with memory skills. Left temporal lesions result in impaired memory for verbal material. Seizures of the temporal lobe can have dramatic effects on an individual's personality.

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Beside this, what are the symptoms of temporal lobe damage?

There are eight principal symptoms of temporal lobe damage:

  • Disturbance of auditory sensation and perception.
  • Disturbance of selective attention of auditory and visual input.
  • Disorders of visual perception.
  • Impaired organisation and categorisation of verbal material.
  • Disturbance of language comprehension.

Similarly, what does the temporal lobe do? The temporal lobe is involved in primary auditory perception, such as hearing, and holds the primary auditory cortex. The primary auditory cortex receives sensory information from the ears and secondary areas process the information into meaningful units such as speech and words.

Also to know is, what happens when the temporal lobe is removed?

Temporal lobe resection, also called temporal lobectomy, is a surgery that can lower the number of seizures you have, make them less severe, or even stop them from happening. During the operation, the doctor removes some of the part of your brain where most seizures start.

How does a concussion affect the temporal lobe?

Located in the Cerebrum Concussion Symptoms: The temporal lobe is another highly vulnerable area of the brain. Damages to the temporal lobe due to closed-head injuries like concussions can result in sensitivity to sounds. A person may have an impaired ability to hear and comprehend language.

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