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What happens when both sides of the equation are equal?

If two expressions are equal to each other, and you add the same value to both sides of the equation, the equation will remain equal. When you solve an equation, you find the value of the variable that makes the equation true. In order to solve the equation, you isolate the variable.

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Similarly, it is asked, how do you solve an equation with two variables on both sides?


  1. Move the variables to different sides of the equation.
  2. Divide both sides of the equation to "solve for x." Once you have the x term (or whichever variable you are using) on one side of the equation, divide both sides of the equation to get the variable alone.
  3. Plug this back into the other equation.

Also, is 0 0 infinite or no solution? Ben Mai · Becca M. For an answer to have an infinite solution, the two equations when you solve will equal 0=0 . Here is a problem that has an infinite number of solutions. If you solve this your answer would be 0=0 this means the problem has an infinite number of solutions.

Similarly one may ask, why is it important to perform the same operations to both sides of an equation?

An important property of equations is one that states that you can add the same quantity to both sides of an equation and still maintain an equivalent equation. Since each expression is equal to 15, you can see that adding 5 to each side of the original equation resulted in a true equation.

How do you find a variable on both sides?

Solving Equations with a Variable on Both Sides. After simplifying, the first step in solving an equation with a variable on both sides is to get the variable on one side. This is done by reversing the addition or subtraction of one of the terms with the variable.

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