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What happens to the De Lacey family as a result of Felix's actions?

What happens to the De Lacey family as a result of Felix's actions? DeLacey and Agatha are arrested and put in jail for Felix's aid in the escape. Felix learns of this and returns home to Paris. The entire family is put on trial, found guilty, and forced in exile in Germany, stripped of everything they once had.

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Similarly one may ask, what happens to the De Lacey family?

How does the creature respond, and what does he do to the cottage? The De Lacey's leave because they fear the monster will harm the old man. The creature burns down their cottage.

what does the creature learn from the DeLacey family? Family. Through his observation of the DeLaceys, the monster learns that DeLacey is a blind man. The monster becomes fascinated by the relationship between the father and his two children. He observes, “Nothing could exceed the love and respect which the younger cottagers exhibited towards their venerable companion.

Just so, what happens when the creature meets the DeLacey family?

Explain what occurs when the creature meets the DeLacey family. The older man listens to the creature and is kind to him. When Felix returns home to find the Creature, he beats him with a stick until he leaves the cottage. The creature burned the house and garden then ran away.

How did the De Lacey family come to be living in the cottage?

Safie refused to live in Turkey with her father. She found her father's papers detailing Felix's exile and found out where he lived. She came to the cottage with jewels and money, and left Italy with an attendant from Leghorn.

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