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What happens to Gurov and Anna at the end of the lady with the dog?

Gurov finds himself bored by her concerns. The affair continues, but ends abruptly when Anna is summoned back home by her husband. Gurov returns to his home and family in Moscow and embraces his old life, hoping and assuming that he will forget all about Anna.

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People also ask, what does the dog symbolize in the lady with the dog?

Anna has a white dog, which symbolizes her innocence and youth before she has the affair. Later, Chekhov uses grey to represent Gurov's uncertainty in himself when he goes to visit Anna. One physical symbol in the story is the fence outside Anna's home, which symbolizes how she feels trapped in her marriage.

Secondly, in what city does the lady with the pet dog live with her flunky husband? Anna is horrified. He begs her to go way with him at that very moment and she finally agrees to meet him in Moscow.

Subsequently, question is, what breed of dog does the lady own in Lady with the Pet Dog?

Pomeranian dog

Why did Chekhov write the lady with the dog?

The Lady with the Dog Introduction. "The Lady with the Dog," a tale of two lovers who carry on an affair while both married to other people, is one of his most famous short stories. Chekhov wrote the "The Lady with the Dog" in 1899, five years before his death, while he was an invalid suffering from tuberculosis.

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