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What happens in Season 2 of The Good Wife?

Episode 16, Season 2: "Great Firewall"
The other partners—Will Gardner, Diane Lockhart, Julius Cain, and David Lee—meet outside in the freezing cold to avoid being heard as they plot to overthrow Derrick Bond and crush his growing influence on the firm.

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Hereof, what happens in Season 3 of The Good Wife?

Season 3 at a glance: After losing the grand jury, Wendy Scott-Carr vindictively sends the evidence she has against Will to the Illinois State Bar Association. Because of Will's suspension, he asks Alicia to take over Kalinda's tax case.

Secondly, do Alicia and will ever get together in the good wife? The stunning realization that Alicia and Will would never end up together, and the enduring mystery about why he called her shortly before he was shot, loomed large over the drama's heroine and viewers all the way into the series' seventh and final season.

Moreover, what happens at the end of good wife?

In the end, the jury doesn't get a chance to see the new ballistics test, and Connor Fox gives Alicia her wish: He offers Peter one-year probation, no jail time. All Peter has to do is resign from the governorship. Taking the deal to Peter, Alicia informs him that she thinks he should take it.

Will and Alicia sleep together episode?

Things seem to be quite done between them until the last three episodes of the second season, when Alicia separates from Peter, who accuses her of sleeping with Will (episode 2x21 "In Sickness").

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