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What happens in Compton scattering?

Compton Scattering. As mentioned on the previous page, Compton scattering occurs when the incident x-ray photon is deflected from its original path by an interaction with an electron. Since the scattered x-ray photon has less energy, it has a longer wavelength and less penetrating than the incident photon.

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Also know, how does Compton scattering?

Compton scattering, discovered by Arthur Holly Compton, is the scattering of a photon by a charged particle, usually an electron. It results in a decrease in energy (increase in wavelength) of the photon (which may be an X-ray or gamma ray photon), called the Compton effect.

why Compton scattering is inelastic? compton scattering is a example of an inelastic scattering because the difference between them scattered light is different from the incident radiation, still, the origin of the effect can be considered as elastic collision between a Photon and an electron.

Considering this, what happens in the Compton effect?

The Compton effect may occur when photon energies range from approximately 50 Kev to 3 Mev. When the photon impacts the electron, a photon becomes scattered and has a different wavelength. In the Compton effect process of ionization, not all of the photon energy is absorbed during the liberation of the electron.

Is energy conserved in Compton scattering?

Some of the energy and momentum is transferred to the electron (this is known as the Compton effect), but both energy and momentum are conserved in this elastic collision.

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