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What happens if you use 100w bulb in 60w is recommended?

If your socket says not to exceed 60-Watts, it is referring the dangers of high heat output associated with incandescent bulbs. However, LED's do not emit dangerous levels of heat. Thus, if your fixture says “not to exceed 60-Watts” but you want to use a 100-Watt equivalent LED bulb, this would be safe to do so.

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Also know, can I use 100w bulb instead of 60w?

The term “60-Watt equal” has little to do with any kind of wattage correlation; a 60W equal LED may use as little as 8 Watts to operate. If your fixture is rated to accept 60 Watts, you can safely use 75W, 100W, or even 125W equal bulbs (which all draw less than 50 Watts of power) instead.

Secondly, what happens if you use too high wattage light bulb? Using a light bulb with too high of wattage can lead to overheating of the light bulb. This heat can melt the light socket as well as the insulation of the wires. Once that happens, you put yourself at risk of arc faults, and this is something that could even lead to property fires.

Simply so, what happens when you put a 100 watt bulb in a 60 watt lamp?

The rating has to do with the amount of heat that the lamp is capable of disapating at a safe temperature. A 100 watt bulb in a lamp rated for 60 watts maximum will cause that lamp to run at a higher temperature than it was designed for.

Is it safe to use a 100 watt bulb?

If a fixture is rated for a maximum of 60 watts, then it's dangerous to exceed that. A 100-watt bulb will draw more power through the wires than they safely can handle. (It is okay, however, to put a bulb with lower wattage in that fixture—drawing less than the wire's maximum load isn't a problem.)

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