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What happens at the end of Mirai Nikki?

The last scene in the final episode takes place after he recreates the world 2. In that final scene, the future diary reports something 'weird'. It reads that 'yuno Gasai comes to visit him'. But yuno from world 2 was already dead!

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Similarly one may ask, does Mirai Nikki have a happy ending?

It is kind of a happy ending to the series and was released way later than the original series. Yuno Gasai from the world 3, with the help of murmur of world 1(who is a good character now) obtains the memory of the dead yuno from world 1.

Secondly, does yuno die in Mirai Nikki? Yuno 1 killed Yuno 2 (“the third corpse”), replacing her, and later killed herself near the end of the story.

People also ask, what happens at the end of the future diary?

Yuno just wants to be with her Yuki, so she protects him and kills the other numbers. In the end, they are the two numbers remaining. Yuno sees that her time with this world's yuki is over and tries to kill him. Yuki fights back, but falls of a cliff and is doomed to die.

Why did yuno kill herself?

Yuno killed herself because she realized how much she loved Yukki and that she couldn't continue on killing Yukki and going to new worlds to win the survival game again.

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